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Morgan Miller is an avid webdeveloper of database-integrated websites.  He has been the owner of ProVision Webdesigns and webdesigner for all ProVision Webdesigns websites since the fall of 2000.  Morgan looks to computer technology as a passion, hobby, and a way to make a difference.  Through his newly written and constantly evolving Veterinary Content Management System, he intends to help create a tighter bond between clients and their veterinarian and promote client education, both while using the internet to generate added income for the hard-working veterinarian.  

His story with computers began at the age of twelve with a PC bought for his mother and him by his grandmother.  The computer was originally bought so that his mother, a seventh grade history teacher, could record and compute grades electronically.  Morgan, however, had some other things to accomplish.  A summary timeline of this history with computers is as follows:
Morgan received his first computer, an 8086 running at 12 Mhz in turbo mode.  Disassembling and reassembling any computer he could get his hands on, he was fascinated at how they worked and routinely experimented from both hardware and software perspectives on how to optimize the performance of those computers.

As a sophomore in the Corps of Cadets at Texas A&M University, Morgan was first introduced to HTML code and was intrigued by the possibilities that one could create with different combinations of text, images, and various HTML and javascript tags.

Finally having time to capitalize on learning how to create websites during his junior year in the Corps, his first official website was created for Spencer's Rocket, a local band led by his hometown friend, Rebecca Torrellas.

Morgan graduated from Texas A&M with a Bachelors of Science in Biomedical Science and began a Masters of Science degree in the Veterinary Physiology department in the Veterinary School at A&M.

Many websites later (mostly for TAMU organizations), Morgan teamed up with four other BYX (Brothers Under Christ) brothers to form and  Together with Jerrell, Louis, Ray, and Tom, several months were spent designing business websites and building computers for the public.  It is during this time that Morgan first installed RedHat Linux 6.2 on a 233 Mhz computer and was amazed at the stability of the Linux operating system.  Unfortunately, the venture did not succeed and the five friends parted ways to pursue other paths.  Not wanting to give up on his newly found passion for business and inspired by the previous partnership, Morgan formed ProVision Webdesigns and ProVisionPC later that fall.  Still a graduate student, he set up and ran a Linux server on campus hosting his personal website which provided a base for learning the intricacies of Linux and a place for unhindered writing of PHP code.

Morgan began Veterinary Medical school at Texas A&M.  During his spare time, he took the knowledge that he had accumulated and the many scripts that he had written over the previous year and began to assimilate them into the beginnings of what would become his content management system.  This new method of webdesign would, over the nest three years, evolve into a massive project of hundreds of pages of PHP scripting code and similar number of hours of effort.

Three different server hardware upgrades and four years later, Morgan is still maintaining a Linux server on the Texas A&M campus.  He is in charge of the main SCAVMA (Student Chapter of the American Veterinary Medical Association) server, which in addition to the SCAVMA website also provides hosting for nine other veterinary student organizations.  Morgan is involved with TVMA (Texas Veterinary Medical Association) as a member of the Technology Committee.  Seeing a need for better web-presence for veterinarians, veterinarian-client communication, and veterinary services delivered through website and internet resources, Morgan has created a Content Management System for veterinarians to capitalize on the vast possibilities that a well-designed website can offer.

Currently, Morgan is a fourth year veterinary student in the College of Veterinary Medicine at Texas A&M University.  During the last seven years, he has used many web authoring programs and languages that are popular for creating high-end websites.  His current and longstanding preference is for the PHP scripting language that interacts with a MySQL database for generating dynamic webpages displaying up-to-date information.  Morgan enjoys working with his Linux servers, making them do what no Microsoft server could dream of doing.  He has written several technical articles regarding Linux and various software packages that run on the operating system.  In the end, though, what he enjoys most is the webdesign and programming.

Upon graduation from veterinary school, Morgan hopes to return to his hometown of Victoria, Texas and continue to work for his veterinary mentor, Dr. John Beck, in his mixed animal practice. While one might be skeptical of the future of ProVision Webdesigns' continuance in light of his veterinary career, that skepticism is assuredly unnecessary as Morgan is currently working to create a Medical Professional's Linux Users Group to further human and veterinary doctors' involvement with Linux and high-end webdesign.  As a practicing veterinarian, he will undoubtedly have the best website in town and continue to raise the bar for veterinary websites.  It only stands to reason that he will likewise provide the same high quality website for any veterinarian that wants to stay on top of what the internet can provide for them.

Questions, comments, and concerns regarding any ProVision Webdesigns website can be directed to

And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to His purpose.  -Romans 8:28

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